Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Health and Skin During the Summer

The summer is when we spend more time outdoors and on the go. It’s also the time we forget all we learned about health and fitness. For this reason, a lot of us end up gaining back any weight we’ve lost and doing things that are harmful to our bodies. The sun, sand and chlorine can all be detrimental to our skin and hair, so make sure you are paying attention to what you’re doing this summer. The following tips can be used to ensure you safeguard your body and health when the warmer months roll in.


Wear Protective Eyewear


It’s not enough to wear any pair of sunglasses. Make sure you buy a pair that has UVA and UVB protection, so your eyes aren’t damaged by the sun’s rays. This is especially important if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. You can find a variety of sunglasses from brands like Ray Ban. Again, check the label to ensure you’re getting the right type and amount of protection. Sunglasses come with different percentage levels of UV ray blockage, so the higher the better.


Use Creams and Makeup with SPF Protection


If you’re always forgetting to put on your sunblock, you can counter this by using lotions and makeup that contain SPF protection. You can also use this in conjunction with your sunblock creams, so you’re getting additional protection. Just make sure to get a few minutes of sunlight before you put on your sunblock, so you can soak up some natural vitamin D.


Condition Your Hair Before and After Swimming


Your hair takes a hard hit when you go swimming. Chlorine can be very damaging to your skin and your hair. It’s good to moisturize and condition both before and after you swim. Make sure to take a shower and wash your hair right after you swim in a chlorinated pool, so you can remove the chlorine. This should also be done if you just got out of the ocean. Sand can be just as harmful to your hair, but it seems to be great for your skin. Ocean water is said to help with acne and clarifying the skin.


Keep Up with Your Beauty Regimen


It’s essential to continue your beauty regimen throughout the summer, since many of the things you’ll be doing can be damaging to your skin and hair. This should include cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin and hair. You can wear protective hairstyles, so the excess swimming doesn’t harm your ends. Buns, braids and up-dos can all help with protecting your hair.


Stay Hydrated


There’s a lot of drinking during the summertime, but few actually drink water. This means your body is dehydrated all throughout the summer because you’re drinking alcohol, teas, juices and coffee. Everything but water. Try to get more water into your daily routine to ensure your skin, hair and organs are properly hydrated and flushed.


The summer is a time of fun, but it’s also a time to backtrack. Make sure you stay on your journey to good health. Follow the above tips to help you out.

Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Maheshwari Wedding

Indian weddings have a lot of things that you ought to not really consider really missing out. In Rajasthan, you’ll find mainly two castes and they’re Jains and Maheshwaris. Maheshwaris stick to the Vaishnav cult and therefore are Brahmin Hindus. You will notice that in maheshwari weddings there are plenty of rituals. In wedding too you’ll find the best things happening as well as in the pre-wedding part too there’d be some rituals. In maheshwari matrimony good importance will be provided to the elders too.

Pre-wedding rituals

Maheshwari is a well-liked caste and they’re mainly businessmen. Also, they mostly have confidence in doing the marriages of the children within the same caste only. Consider now occasions have altered, you will notice that they’d even allow inter-caste marriages. There are lots of pre-wedding rituals within this caste. However in maheshwari something which may be worth noting may be the mama phere. Within this, you will notice that the maternal uncle from the bride would go ahead and take bride in the lap and they would take pheras using the groom. This can be a different ritual but maheshwari do follow this.

Essentially, once the wedding is bound between two families the initial ritual that you will find may be the engagement. They occupy engagement inside a lavish manner. There’d be many visitors to go to it there could be good food too. Mainly they like some banquet hall or perhaps a hotel to have an engagement.

Just once the wedding is approaching, there’d be events like haldi and mehandi. They are pure and important rituals in which you will find that the bride to be enjoys together with her family. These rituals will also be in the groom’s place and there’s large amount of fun too.

Eventually, they allot to puja too. Puja is essential prior to the wedding to ensure that there’s virtually no problem of hurdle. Thus, you will notice that puja is a vital factor in maheshwari matrimony.

Baraat can also be important

In maheshwari you will notice that there’d be lavish baraat beginning make up the groom’s spot to the marriage venue! Next all of the rituals anxiety about the marriage rituals. In India weddings actually are quite outstanding. It is because there’s a lot to savor. From dance and music to food, things are really worth trying. If you’ve ever attended a maheshwari wedding, then you’ll realize how amazing this type of person. Within the occasions when even this caste is becoming quite forward, you’d surely see most of them choosing destination weddings too. They mainly prefer Rajasthan and also the amazing castles immediately. But when they would like to try something totally new there could be a lot of options like beach wedding, wedding in resorts and so forth.

Wedding it’s time when two families would unite and therefore, it certainly is an auspicious occasion. It is essential that you are aware how to handle all things in a marriage because there could be a lot of work.

Rashmika J is really a web enthusiast along with a author. Rashmika has afforded her articles and write-ups autonomously and thru various online forums. Register on maheshwari matrimony.

3 Reasons to Hire an Artistic wedding photographers

When you choose to select the wedding professional photographer you might question how you need to determine who ought to be hired. You need to consider the price of the professional photographer, the knowledge they are doing (or don’t) have, and many important is the selection of style in the way they capture the moments. Have a trip along with a pre-determined style you are looking for your photographs but a creative style might be more appropriate and exercise much better overall.

Artistic professional wedding photographers will concentrate on photojournalism rather from the classical photography style. A photograph-newspaper method of a marriage is a which showcases the marriage inside a natural way. They’ll permit the wedding to occur like not really there or like a traditional guest. Every single moment is really a photo taking possibility and it’ll be treated as a result. They sometimes won’t have to create aside a period to consider images of everybody simply because they can perform this throughout the event. You receive the advantages here because things are completed in a far more natural way and also the images will be affected by it. Traditional styles tend to be more scripted and for that reason they might appear fake and an excessive amount of focus is defined on obtaining the perfect shot rather of letting occasions flow naturally. It does not exercise for everybody however, many people desire a natural feeling rather of the staged one as well as an artistic professional photographer could work with this particular for you personally.

Artistic photographers will also make their pictures appear more artistic and never concentrate on being only a picture. This can be accomplished through using different angles or perhaps using different color settings for example traditional color, sepia, or black and white-colored. Whenever you take a look at these pictures you believe you are searching in a true thing of beauty which may be shown on a wall rather of just inside a wedding album that somebody has laying around.

A professional photographer who concentrates on being artistic also offers the advantage of being more conscious of the environment. They already know the setting certainly sets a dark tone and mood from the picture and employ it for their benefit to make certain the pictures come out as well as as they can in the present settings and situation. It’s not necessary to constantly worry if that moment which can’t be repeated is going to be lost ever forever since your professional photographer did not catch the very best shot possible.

Artistic photography is one thing that does not everybody who accumulates a video camera can accomplish. It requires a real artist to understand the main difference and so that you can begin using these details within their daily photographs to ensure they are be truly artistic both in name and quality. If you are concentrating on a professional photographer, make sure to take a look at their portfolios to understand an understanding of the feelings which are displayed through their photographs and select them only when they provide you with the sensation that you would like to feel after getting the wedding photographs printed and delivered.

To understand more about photography Toronto and to get the best wedding professional photographer Toronto make certain to visit this website at engagingimages.ca

6 Tips for selecting the right wedding transport


Searching within the Google about the organization that offer the very best wedding transport services to understand whether the organization is reputable or otherwise. Whenever you will go to the website of the organization, you have to browse the online reviews additionally towards the services provided because of it to achieve negative or positive details about the organization. You may also talk to your known ones just like your relatives, neighbors or buddies to point out you some appropriate company for the wedding transport.


It is among the most significant factors that you ought to consider while selecting your transport for the wedding. You need to hire that wedding transport which may be fit into your financial allowance. What exactly that need considering before booking a chauffeured transport for the visitors or perhaps a single limousine for wedding couple would be the following:-

-Mileage charges -Average distance between destinations Total price each hour

3.Level of comfort:-

The amount of comfort should be the first priority to ensure that bride look happy and cheerful in her own wedding film. There must be comfy seats within the wedding transport. When the bride is getting a lengthy wedding gown then you need to book big wedding transport so the dress remains in good shape until you achieve wedding venue.

4.Flexible timings:-

You have to make certain that the organization offers flexible timings to suit your needs. You might want to leave early out of your house on your wedding event because of certain conditions in such instances it is necessary that wedding transport must achieve promptly to prevent inconvenience. You should consider asking the manager of the organization when they offer Gps navigation enabled wedding transport to be able to track it easily.

5.Visit the organization:-

You need to go to the showroom of company before booking wedding transport to determine whether it’s of high standard or otherwise. You can find a possibility of observing the appropriate wedding transport at many wedding expos. It’s also wise to ask manager of the organization concerning the support plan contrary goes completely wrong around the big day. It might be better for a moment book wedding transport ahead of time to bypass any problem.

6.Wedding theme:-

The marriage theme also plays a huge role in figuring out appropriate transport for wedding. The marriage transport should suit your wedding theme. You need to book a classic vehicle if you’re planning a classic wedding. The adornments from the wedding transport should also maintain compliance using the wedding theme. You need to make certain the colour of the bridesmaids dresses or brides bouquet mustn’t suit your wedding transport.

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Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Wedding 2014 “The Voice” Coach and His Girlfriend Set to Marry in Mexico Next Month

Adam Levine will apparently get wed together with his model girlfriend Behati Prinsloo in the Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos, Mexico on This summer 19, 2014. The pair will walk lower the aisle the following month after announcing their engagement last This summer carrying out a brief split in May. Their intimate nuptials, which is small, includes two official occasions, a wedding rehearsal dinner and also the marriage ceremony and reception. The wedding rehearsal dinner is going to be located the night time before Adam Levine and the gorgeous fiancee Behati Prinsloo exchange their vows. You will see also private gatherings the next day the marriage for visitors to avoid the newlyweds before they depart for his or her honeymoon.

Although information on their wedding are extremely limited, Adam Levine was spotted celebrating his bachelor party having a large number of male pals at N9NE Steakhouse inside Palms Casino Resort in Vegas two days ago. Meanwhile, his stunning girlfriend Behati Prinsloo accepted that they already bought her wedding gown. ”It’s bohemian, very beachy. Very me,” the 25-year-old Victoria Secret Angel revealed.

Adam Levine and the girlfriend Behati Prinsloo would apparently get married in Mexico on This summer 19, 2014. However, because not every one of the models family could attend their wedding, the pair were planning another celebration in her own homeland. (Photo credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images The United States)

Adam Levine and the girlfriend Behati Prinsloo, whose wedding would come with two big occasions, posed together in the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California. (Photo credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images The United States)

The pair began dating in June 2012 and also got involved in This summer 2013.

Adam Levine lately celebrated his bachelor party in Vegas to stop his single existence. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo also accepted that they already purchased her wedding gown for that special day. (Photo credit: Ray Busacca/Getty Images The United States)

Adam Levine and the girlfriend Behati Prinsloos marriage ceremony could be small. (Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

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Bridal Jewelry – How to Accessorize Your Wedding Day Look

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from Dreamstime.com

OK ladies, here’s music for your ears (and neck, and wrist)… now that you’ve your wedding gown, you’re ready to accessorize it! There’s without a doubt, the best baubles perfect the wedding ensemble. Here’s what you ought to know to decorate just like a pro.

Bridal Jewellery Style Tips

Make it simple

Prior to the fun begins, please heed these tips. With regards to your bridal jewellery, less is really more. Simple jewellery constitutes a timeless fashion statement exaggerate you and it risk an appointment from Diddy requesting his jewelry back.

Formality Rules

Together with other accessories, the bride’s jewellery, should reflect the formality from the wedding celebration. A little, informal wedding requires simple jewellery, while a sizable, formal wedding requires more elaborate pieces.

Complement clothing

Wedding gown style also plays a significant roll in jewellery selection. Typically – the greater detailing around the gown, the more the jewellery, while an outfit requires added embellishment.

Enable Your Neckline Lead the way in which

Your dress neckline will show you towards what pieces and designs you’ll put on. Many gowns are strapless and have low necklines, that is a perfect style to showcase an excellent necklace. In case your gown includes a high neckline, you might want to forego the necklace and focus on locating the perfect earrings.

Allow It To Be You

Most importantly, big day bad eggs should reflect your individual style. So stay with studs if you have never worn chandeliers, and when you haven’t left the home without your preferred strand of pearls – around your neck is how they must be whenever you say “I actually do.Inch

Pick your Metals:

The colour tone of the wedding gown will show you that metals perform best:

-In case your dress is white-colored – choose platinum or silver jewellery, as gold may clash with stark white-colored.

-In case your dress is off-white-colored – either golds or silvers/platinums works.

-In case your dress is ivory – the marginally yellow-colored undertones demand gold jewellery.

Pick Your Gems:

Pearls – A Vintage Choice

The tradition of gem bridal jewellery stems to the traditional Greeks, who believed pearls promoted marital harmony. Not to mention, style icon Jackie O donned a strand your day she grew to become Mrs. Kennedy, further cementing pearls because the refined jewel preferred by brides everywhere.

Diamonds – The BFF of Jewellery

Diamonds did not obtain “girl’s closest friendInch status for free. They are always beneficial to include a little sparkle for your wedding gown. What’s promising for the wallet is the fact that faux varieties work equally well.

Then Add Color

Obviously, colored gemstones/gems present a terrific way to possess some color into your wedding event look, so don’t be put off by blues, pinks, yellows – take your pick.

Pick your Pieces


-The Choker: The classic choker features 1 to 3 strands worn close round the neck. This length utilizes a jewel or bateau neckline, as it might go missing if an excessive amount of skin is showing.

-The Collar: This Victorian style includes 3 or more strands fitting safely round the middle neck. This length is a superb accent to some low or strapless neckline.

-The Princess: This length falls about 16 inches towards the hollow from the neck and frequently supports a pendant. This style works together with just about any however a high neckline.

-The Matinee: This style hits the top bust and appears great having a bateau, jewel, or perhaps a lower neckline with sheer fabric since the decolletage area.

-The Opera: The opera necklace is really a lengthy single strand falling underneath the bust. It makes an impressive look when combined with a really high neckline.


Keep the earrings simple in case your necklace is particularly large or grand. Additionally you might not wish to put on earrings whatsoever if you are putting on a tiara – because the two may compete. However – if you are going sans necklace, consider highlighting your thing with elaborate earrings. Remember, the important thing to accessorizing is balance.

Deck your Wrist?

While not as fashionable as necklaces and earrings, brides can put on a bracelet with sleeveless, short-sleeve, and three-quarter sleeve gowns. However, a wrist watch is better left in your own home on your wedding event unless of course it is a family heirloom or antique.

Get much more advice that will help you plan your bridal jewellery at Elegala.com – Elegant Galas Made

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Choose Wedding Planner

To select wedding coordinator over your personal jobs are the neatest decision you may make during this period. While you might not wish to spend the cash, it may really save you plenty more within the finish. You will find the actual cost savings, obviously, together with not waste time and stress. This is also true inside a major city, new You are able to or La or Miami, where there are plenty of others looking to get exactly the same results while you. Selecting expertise provides you with use of quality that just professionals can provide. You will get much more because of the work of those individuals. There’s two major advantages to selecting a marriage planner. The greatest for many may be the quality. You may expect far better results having a professional simply because they comprehend the work. They’ve been within the field for some time now, developing an awareness of the items the very best choices are. They’re in front of current trends, constantly doing better, and offering what individuals want. With this particular comes networking and understanding which products possess the best prices. These both lead the way in which for that second benefit, savings. A marriage planner may use their connections and understanding that will help you save lots of money. You’ll have a wedding coordinator anywhere. Probably the most common locations for just one could be major metropolitan areas, for example New You are able to City. If you’re in a few of the bigger metropolitan areas across the nation, it is crucial that you’ve got a professional aiding you. Yes, you have use of the best options, but it’s nearly impossible to find everything going the right path. An expert will keep charge of everything, aid you in getting in contact with the best within the wedding business, and make certain that the wedding all comes together superbly. If you wish to choose wedding coordinator professionals, getting use of a directory is imperative. A directory provides a big list of wedding planners in your town, allowing you to hire a company who suits you perfectly. You can begin to look better, making certain the individual you hire understands the job and is able to take the wedding to existence. You could have all this while remaining affordable, too. Because of so many options open to you, it isn’t so complicated to handle everything.

Find Local Wedding Planners is really a directory website from the 50 largest US metropolitan areas supplying couples use of wedding planners within their areas. Additionally to as being a directory, the website is filled with articles, the website provide well-researched or more-to-date understanding around the how to throw a financial budget wedding. Look at this to understand more about local wedding planners and budget weddings.

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Feel Proud To Host The Wedding Party At The Reception Venues Of Houston TX

Are you currently searching for any proper venue to throw a celebration of the marriage ceremony or anniversary? There are numerous reception halls and venues that may be hired for hosting a celebration regardless of occasions. As everyone knows, tossing a celebration at the own dwelling may seem simpler, but there’s lots of tensions and mounted on it. You have to arrange for menus, drinks, food, decoration, lighting as well as other plans such as the parking and managements. Then also your work isn’t ended there before you cleanup the lawn and finished up washing all dishes either on your own or by getting a professional cleaning service.

Wedding party venues Houston Texas mitigates you against these kinds of hazards of performing a effective party. All of the plans and adornments is going to be produced by the management and you’re totally free to savor and take part in the merriment without having to be stressed whether your visitors are offered correctly or otherwise. For the reason that situation, you’ll be able to take proper care of innovative ideas and apply something totally new within the party to really make it a smashing hit. There are specific tips that you could follow to include a brand new charm for your party:

– To create your guest simply like to take part in the valuable evening, you just play an attractive music without anyone’s knowledge. If you would like your visitors dance using the mood from the music being performed, attempt to range from the known songs. The greater your visitors can get to listen to known songs, the greater they can be indulgent.

– Help make your invitees completely relaxed by continuing to keep the brightness and coldness of the lights low. Brightness of lights can help remind your visitors of the tomorrows tight time-table and vibrant lights of the offices. This might restrict these to enjoy and relax the party. With small bursts of dim lights combined with music you are able to let the mood from the party by requesting individuals to dance.

– Within the Affordable Wedding Venues Houston Texas, it is simple to result in the couples stand together holding one anothers hands and shoulders and able to dance by each one of these plans transported out easily.

To create all of your wishes and plans arrived at reality you have to select a proper venue to conduct the party effortlessly. Here are the reason why making it a far more elegant choice:

It requires lots of effort to conduct a celebration placidly. Should you leave the entire factor positioned on the non-public Party Venue Houston Texas you receive considerable time to revise other activities prior to the eventful day arrives.

You’ll have your visitors offered with high quality drinks and food by efficient and well-trained employees.

Your important visitors knows the meaning of grandeur through the top quality equipments they with be provided by such as the plates, dishes, chairs and table.

Each one of these services result in the faces of your invitees enter a large smile once they bid you farewell.

Author Bio: Jack Duvall talks in the article about Wedding party venues Houston Texas and just how his kids marriage was effectively conducted within the Affordable Wedding Venues Houston Texas.

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Hillary Scott Wedding Lady Antebellum Star and Boyfriend Chris Tyrell Got Married in Upstate New York (Pictures)

Hillary Scott and her fianc, drummer Chris Tyrell exchanged vows throughout a ceremony held on Saturday The month of january 7, 2012 at sunset in front of the witness of close family and buddies in attractive upstate New You are able to. Hillary Scott is presently part of Lady Antebellum, a rustic group which was created in the year 2006 while her new husband Chris Tyrell is presently charge drummer for Love and Thievery.

On Lady Antebellum twitter page, Hillary Scott published, “Hillary and Chris possess a surprise announcement for you personally!Inch adopted with a connect to their video announcement. “We’ve got married! We simply wanted you to definitely listen to it from us first,” Hillary Scott, who used Vera Wang confirmed her wedding inside a video on her behalf bands website. “We like you. Were so excited to become beginning our existence together, so we just had to help you to in around the excitement.” Meanwhile, Chris Tyrrell stated within the video, “Let me expose you to Mrs. Hillary Scott Tyrrell,” and also the 25-year-old singer Hillary Scott organized her hands to show the wedding band. Although Hillary’s bandmates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood weren’t present during her wedding, their representative stated, “They expect to celebrating with Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrell within the coming days.”

Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott and boyfriend Chris Tyrell get wed at sunset before family and buddies in upstate New You are able to on Saturday The month of january 7, 2012

The 25-year-old bride Hillary Scott looked vibrant a custom Vera Wang strapless mermaid dress with abstract all-over lace underlay as the groom Chris Tyrell was charming inside a grey suit by Ermenegildo Zegna having a black shirt along with a grey tie

The newlyweds are going to benefit from the next couple of days together before Hillary Scott joins her bandmates for tour responsibilities beginning The month of january 27, 2012 in Tulsa, Okla

The pair who first met when each offered as opening functions on Tim McGraw’s Southern Voice Tour this year announced their engagement last This summer

Chris Tyrell “suggested precisely the way Ive always imagined,” Hillary Scott shared information on the romantic proposal in This summer 2011

Hillary Scotts husband Chris Tyrell is presently charge drummer for Love and Thievery

Soon after the newlyweds started dating this past year, Scott told that they felt “fortunate” to get along with Chris Tyrell

Lady Antebellum, including band mates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood released their third album tittled “Own the night timeInch on September 13, 2011 and also the band required home five Grammys in the 53rd annual Grammy Awards

Chris Tyrrell, Hillary Scott, Hillary’s bandmates and Cassie McConnell in the 2011 CMT Music Awards in the Bridgestone Arena on June 21, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee

Hillary Scott Wedding: Lady Antebellum Star and Boyfriend Chris Tyrell Get Wed in Upstate New You are able to (Pictures)

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How to Plan a Summer Wedding – Ideas, Tips, and Trends For Summer Wedding Themes

Download – Royalty Free Stock Images

from Dreamstime.com

Warm sunshine, vibrant colors, and outside setting possibilities abound throughout the summer time several weeks. Make use of the season using these summer time wedding tips.

Summer time Weddings – Points to consider

Beat heat – You should consider renting fans or portable Air conditioning units to have an outside wedding (even northern climates can hit 90 this season), and then try to look for a location with ample shade so visitors can escape blazing sun as well as heat. Even when the wedding is inside, it’s important to look into the level of comfort in advance – some older venues lack good ventilation or aren’t air-conditioned.

Brave the weather – Outside settings are popular throughout the summer time, but high temperatures aren’t the only real discomfort you will need to deal with. Damaging Ultra violet sun rays, killer nasty flying bugs and pop-up showers a few of the weather you might want to endure. Have bug spray, sun block and umbrellas on hands just in situation.

Deal With Summer time Travel – Keep in mind that summer time is prime here we are at family vacations, holiday weekends, ok last one – along with other weddings. Try to reserve your date and inform your visitors as soon as possible.

All within the Details – Summer time Wedding Ideas

Invitations & Stationery

Give a summer time motif – like a seashell, starfish, tropical flower or plant – for your stationery suite

Go wild with color – its here we are at paper or fonts in bolder tropical hues – for example fuschia or mango – or even the colors from the ocean – blues and vegetables

Wedding Venue

Get outdoors – summer time weddings just require a beach, garden, rooftop or backyard setting

Jump on water – marinas or perhaps yacht cruises alllow for seasonably stylish venues

Decor Elements

Go casual – summer time weddings lend themselves to some casual decor plan – fitting of the backyard bbq. Think checked table clothes, benches and picnic tables.

Go natural – incorporate natural decor elements like fruits, vegetables, even insects (like ladybugs or dragonflies, not always roaches!)

Get lit – illuminate an outside evening reception with lanterns or torches.


Periodic blooms – abundant flowers will always be in fashion in a summer time wedding. Use vibrant and cheerful blooms like sunflowers, peonies, hydrangea, mums, daisies, dahlias, zinnias, and roses. Or produce a breezy, airy look with white-colored on white-colored – using roses, stephanotis, calla lilies, snowball mums and daisies – and incorporate a little blue – like blue hydrangea

Fruits – fruits like lemons and limes look unique and trendy when completed tall obvious vases

For any beach look – incorporate shells, sand, and ocean glass inside your plans


Serve lighter fare – think fresh periodic vegetables and fruit like berries, watermelon, tomato plants, cucumber, and corn, sea food and lean chicken like chicken. Between courses, serve an easy sorbet.

Spark in the grill – serve traditional picnic and grill fare like bbq, burgers and potato salad

Mind towards the tropics – feature tropical signature cocktails like margaritas, sangria, or mojitos.


Light and Fluffy – serve something light, like angel food cake capped with whipped cream and berries

Fresh adornments – top traditional wedding cake with fresh tropical flowers like hibiscus, or decorate with shells and starfish

Spoon it – serve light sorbet or gelato

Give a cherry – possess a do-it-yourself sundae bar (just make certain you have the means to keep your frozen treats awesome)

Searching for other great ideas for wedding styles? This entire help guide to planning for a summer time wedding has more advice.

Video Source: Youtube